Get To Know…Bananas


Bananas are subtly sweet fruits that are long in shape and range in colour. They can be yellow, green, brown and even red! For the most part this awesome fruit grows in tropical and subtropical regions, like in Latin America and the Caribbean. They’re constantly in season and can usually be found stocked at your local super market.

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A’peel’ing Benefits

Bananas are crazy good for you! They’re super nutrient dense and contain loads of necessary vitamins and minerals, especially for growing babies and toddlers. Some of the nutrients they contain are:

  • Potassium – Bananas are loaded with this stuff! This nutrient help regulates heart function and blood pressure.
  • Fibre – This nutrient helps you stay fuller for longer. It also helps fight against constipation and promotes normalised bowel movements.
  • Vitamin B6 – This vitamin promotes a release of energy that provides a heathy boost.
  • Vitamin C – This vitamin helps strengthen the immune system and protects the heart, keeping it healthy and safe from disease.
  • Pectin – This is a soluble fibre that aids in lowering cholesterol and also helps in normalising bowel function.

Going Bananas for Bananas?? ? ? ?

Did I tempt you with all those amazing banana benefits? Good! Because bananas are an astounding food that can be utilised in so many different ways in some of the healthiest of recipes! If you’re itching to start making your own banana comprised recipes then have I got the recipes for you!

Banana and Turmeric Lassi

Turmeric and Banana Lassi Baby Led Feeding Large Smoothie Image. A deliciously healthy and creamy smoothie full of yummy goodness. These can also be frozen to make teething pops for babies.

Banana blends perfectly with refreshing almond milk and coconut yogurt in this yummy recipe.

Find the recipe here: Banana and Turmeric Lassi

‘Good Morning Baby’ Breakfast Cookies

‘Good Morning Baby’ Breakfast Cookies – Refined Sugar Free & Vegan Baby Led Feeding Homemade Baby Food Recipes

These delicious breakfast cookies are filled with all kinds of healthy and nutritious ingredients. They are perfect for providing energy and nourishment in the morning time. ?

Find the recipe here: ‘Good Morning Baby’ Breakfast Cookies – Refined Sugar Free & Vegan

Quinoa and Banana Flourless Pancakes

Baby Led Feeding Flourless Pancakes. Quinoa Flourless Pancakes. Aileen Cox Blundell Homemade Healthy baby breakfast.

These pancakes make a perfect start to any day! They contain quinoa, a super healthy plant based food, along with lovely banana and natural yogurt!

Find the recipe here: Quinoa and Banana Flourless Pancakes

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