30 Day Challenge – Move your Tot!

Who wants to join me on a 30 Day Challenge?

Most days after work is one humongous big race to get crap done! Dinners, cleaning, washing up then putting the kids to bed before crashing myself. I might go to the gym a couple of times (if i’m not too exhausted) but I really feel for my head space that I need more air and fun with Oscar before he heads off to bed every night.

So, I have decided to give myself a challenge and I am really, really hoping that some of you do it with me because I need the motivation of a group and together is much easier than on our own.

Baby Led Feeding- image of move your tot-30 day challeng

The Challenge is to play for 30 minutes!

I’m trying to make it as simple as possible for myself (and hopefully you). No changing out of work clothes, just put on a pair of flat shoes and get outside with your toddler or baby for 30 minutes to play. The washing up and cleaning will still be there when you come back, but! you will have had 30 minutes of laughing with your baby, your heart will be pumping and you will both feel all the better for it.

You can do any exercise you want! Play chasing, tag, hide and seek, football or put your toddler on his bike or baby in the buggy and walk. I know that we will all need motivation after a long day at work and so that’s what we’re going to do. Motivate each other.

Starting May 01st 2018!

Every day I will try to post a story on Facebook and Instagram too and if you want to share your own story just tag @babyledfeeding so I can encourage you on your way. It’s free, it’s easy and it will get both us and our tots a little healthier every single day.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are and it doesn’t matter what exercise you chose to do, taking part is all that matters.
AND, If you miss a day there is no stress at all, just join again the day after.

Aileen & Oscar xoxox

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