8 Fun Food Focused Toddler Activities

8 Fun Food Focused Toddler Activities

Food activities are a wonderful way for toddlers to learn! You allow them to explore their own creativity, define their motor skills, find food appreciation, and, of course, spend lots of quality time with you. I’ve compiled a list of fun food ideas for kids that are a blast to create and double as healthy toddler snacks to occupy your teeny artist for hours on end!

Many ingredients in these food activities can be substituted to fit your family’s taste buds and dietary needs. Toddlers and preschoolers will require supervision, and things may get a little messy, but every moment with your littles will be worth the clean up!


Easy Veggie Train Snack for Kids

I absolutely love this veggie train idea! When choosing food activities made almost entirely of raw produce, color is a must. Of course, you will need to cut up the vegetables, but your little one will be so excited to fill the train cars and watch their masterpiece go full-steam ahead! They’ll have even more fun woofing down this brilliant, healthy toddler snack!


Birthday Pancake Cake

Everyday should be a birthday cake day! I created this as a special birthday treat for my Oscar, but it makes a fantastic food activity for toddlers and a fun food idea for all kids! Each ingredient is clean and healthy, so you won’t have to worry about food dyes, preservatives, or added sugar. The crepes and cream can be made ahead of time, and I recommend aprons and a roll of cleaning wipes, but you and your tots will make beautiful, messy memories as you build this colorful pancake cake!


Fish Bowl Smoothies

Breakfast can be a real challenge. Little feet are moving much faster than mommy’s morning mind, and you hope they’ll sit quietly long enough for you to make it halfway through your coffee. Fish Bowl Smoothies ensure your whole family gets a boost of potassium, vitamins A and C, and a nutritious helping yogurt. It also makes a fun food activity for everyone! Prepare the craft ingredients the night before, plop your smoothies on the table at breakfast, and VIOLA! Enjoy morning tea while the kids blossom into mosaic fruit masters!


Fun Meal for Kids: Caterpillar Mini Chicken Kebabs

There is something about kebabs that really fascinates kiddos, so they are wonderful food activities. Your little ones won’t need to assemble these; they are served as adorable caterpillars for lunchtime play. What’s more, this healthy food idea is appetizing for kids and toddlers, alike. Your children will love cookie cutting veggies and assembling their garden plates before they munch away at greens with a new caterpillar friend.



Ten Fun Toasts for Busy Mornings

Serving plain toast for breakfast can feel a bit defeating. Crafty breakfast toasts are a fun food idea for those mornings you’re just too stretched to go gourmet, and clever little lambs will love to start the day with food activities. The ingredients are simple and can be substituted for anything you’d like. Peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, greek yogurt—you name it, it works!


Apple Monsters

When I saw this monstrous food activity, I knew it was a winner. Who would have known a fibrous old granny smith could be so…silly! I’m certain your little ones won’t complain if they craft this healthy toddler food on a day other than Halloween, as they’d make perfect party favors, school treats, or just a fun food idea for anytime. These are a relatively mess-free, as well, so it’s great if you’re running short on clean-up time.


Healthy Watermelon Fruit Pizza

A healthy pizza?  Yep! It’s nutritious and a wonderful food activity for children of all ages!  This pizza uses a watermelon base, delicious greek yogurt sauce, and your toddler can pile any fruit he pleases over the top.  I’ve also included a few helpful kitchen tips for working with a sous chef who happens to need daily afternoon naps.


DIY Food Face Plate: for Nutritious & Beautiful Meals

The idea of food face plates struck my fancy, and I was not disappointed when I read through this witty food activity. All you need are clear plates, a good marker, and a little imagination, then your kiddos will be able to create fun characters from any ingredient you place on the table. For that matter, make a face plate for each member of your family and leave dinner to the kids once per week. How do you think you’ll suit cheese hair and celery teeth?


Rainbow Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bark

Food activities are even better if they’re fun and stunning! All healthy ingredients, this bark turns a sweet tooth’s dream into a vitamin-loaded frozen snack. Simply create a gorgeous yogurt base, top it with fruit, and freeze, then break it into toddler sized pieces that soften quickly as they’re eaten. The kids will love creating a breathtaking abstract, and you will rest knowing that it’s made from nothing but wholefood goodness.


If you and your tots decide to get creative, please snap a picture and share it in the comments! I’d love to see a gallery of food activities crafted by teeny, happy chefs. 🙂

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