A Moms Guide to Surviving Teething

Teething is never fun and you will never look back at those teething days and nights and miss them in any way – trust me, I am a mother of 3 and I remember with a shiver each and every one of my children’s teeth coming through.

Sometimes though we forget that teething can be really hard for Mums too. You have to have patience, survive on minimal sleep, still function throughout the day and it can really take its toll on every aspect of your life.

So, how do you get through 20 teeth being painfully pushed through your baby’s gums? I have thought about the things that really helped me as a Mom survive so hopefully you will find something that works for you too.

Go Easy on Yourself

We can put extra pressure on ourselves to be the best Mums in the world but while your baby is teething you really need to be easy on yourself. It is really hard work being a Mom and even harder when you are sleep deprived. Don’t try to do too much and just try to get through the day as best as you can.

Take it in turns

It is really hard to get through days on end with no sleep and then get up and go to work the next morning. Work out a schedule with your other half where you take it in turns with the baby. This is especially important if both of you are working. We used to take the baby downstairs and comfort him there so that the other person could stay sleeping and catch up on rest. If you are a stay at home Mum talk to your husband about getting up at the weekends so that you know there is a good rest in sight.

Freezer Dinners

Cook a few double dinners and keep in the freezer for those exhausting days when you just don’t have the energy to cook. You need to keep your strength up and have energy too especially if you are breastfeeding. Make dinners that are simple like spaghetti bolognese and curry.

Get away from your house

I found that leaving the house could change the mood of my babies. Bringing them swimming or to the park was a distraction (just make sure to pack lots of bibs for the drooling!). Fresh air was great for tiring them out too and they slept a little better too. This is also great for your own head space. Having a cappuccino with a friend or just going for a long walk can clear all the cobwebs from your head and give you perspective. A good hug from you friend helps too 😀

Have a PJ day

There were plenty of days where my babies were teething so bad they couldn’t even go to crèche which meant I had to stay home from work. If this does happen, or it is a weekend then take the opportunity to have a pj day. Heat up a dinner from your freezer, forget about washing and ironing clothes and just chill out with your baby all day (well as best as you can). Use the Teetha® Granules or Teetha® Gel to calm your baby down and then sleep when your baby sleeps.

If you have any other tips that helped get you through having a teething baby please share them below, I am sure they will help another teething Mum just like you.

Baby Led Feeding is delighted to be working with Teetha Ireland to bring you lots of tips, advice and recipes to help get you through teething.

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