Since putting up the Facebook page for Baby Led Feeding I have had lots of emails from people asking various questions about me and my background. So I thought I would put the answers all in one place 🙂

What made me start feeding my babies this way?

My daughter Jade who is almost 14 years old never would allow me to feed her with a spoon. I had to become really inventive on how I got her to eat so I cooked things like homemade pasta filled with spinach and cheese to homemade baked beans. Jade grew up to be the biggest foodie I have ever known and I believe it is because of all the foods she was given when she was a little girl.

Why did you start this project?

This project started as a book I was putting together to give my little one Oscar when he got much older. However, I ended up falling in love with cooking nutritious foods for him and coming up with ideas for sugar-free, homemade baby food recipes that I decided to make it into a real book and site I could share with people. It is definitely a labour of love and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Who does your photography and design?

I am a graphic designer in my own small studio which is based in Dublin called Sweet!. We mostly focus on food design and so I took on the design of the project in my spare time. My husband is a photographer and I learnt from him how to take great food photos. It has taken me a while but I am getting better at food styling and it is becoming such a huge passion.

Who are my biggest influencers?

I totally love, love, love Susan Jane White. She puts so much thought and creativity into what she cooks and she really seems like the kind of person I’d love to just have a cup of matcha tea with. Besides that and her infectious smile, she cursed on Jamie Oliver TV which makes her really cool in my eyes.

I also really love Ella Woodward and the Hemsley sisters. Their stories and foods are all so inspirational and yummy!

Do you ever eat a normal chocolate bar?

I gave up eating all refined sugars which include sweets, chocolates, bread over 3 years ago and I have never looked back. Well, that’s a bit of a tall tale. I did have 1 scoop of ice cream during a hot summer day but other than that no. I make my own chocolate and sweets that don’t contain any refined sugars what-so-ever. I find if I have them stashed in my fridge or freezer then I am always satisfied.

What are your favourite kitchen utensils?

Without a , oubt my absolute favourite kitchen item is my Nutribullet. I love it!!! I use it for smoothies, chocolate sauce, sauces, pestos, hummus. It’s amazing! I also really love my spiralizer which I am getting more and more use out of. My measuring cups and spoons and most importantly my mini muffin tin.