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Aileen Cox Blundell is my big-time mom crush right now and you will love her passion for creating amazing content.

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The most important thing about sharing products to our Baby Led Feeding audience is authenticity. When we work with brands who share that value, it becomes so natural to use our platform to increase brand exposure, interest, and loyalty in a way that feels like a brilliant recommendation from a good friend. We have worked with brands to create delicious recipes which included food styling and photography, bespoke high quality 4K quality video in either IGTV/YouTube cookery format or step-by-step Instagram which have shown to gain high engagement quickly. There are also opportunities to reach our audience with highly effective product tutorials or recommendations through Instagram Stories which brings your products into real life situations. Whatever your needs it can all be done under the one roof with us, but first, check out the stats below then let's have a chat!


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Our followers are engaged and are as focussed on heatlhy eating as we are.

Brands we've worked with

* Baby Led Feeding is open to working with brands of all shapes and sizes. However, as we regularly work with Dunnes Stores, we can not work with any other Irish retailer.

Corporate Speaking, Collaborations & Media Enquiries.

Corporate Event Speaking - To book Aileen Cox Blundell to speak at your Corporate event please email [email protected].

Collaborations - We work with brands both big and small, so if you have a project and would like to speak to us further please email [email protected].

Media enquires can be made to Versify - [email protected].

Guest Posts - If you are a reader or a blogger who would like to share a project or recipe from your own site with our audience, we would love to hear from you! [email protected].

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