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“The Children of today will live 10 years LESS than their parents, because of the food we are feeding them."

TEDTalk - Teach Every Child about Food
Jamie Oliver

A quote that changed my entire life.

When my baby Oscar was only 6 months old, I heard Jamie Oliver give his famous TED Talk on childhood obesity and it changed my life forever.

Since I was 20 years old, I have worked as a graphic designer, a job that I honestly loved with all of my heart. In a million years I never thought I would do anything diferent, until one day I heard Jamie Oliver give his famous TED Talk about childhood obesity. Maybe it was my hormones, or the baby bliss of holding my gorgeous boy, but I felt I had to make a change.

I started Baby-Led Feeding in 2015 with a thought that if I could help just one person then it would all be worthwhile. Litle did I know that I would end up talking to thousands of parents. It became my very own food revolution, my chance to change, make a diference and really help to encourage children to eat more vegetables and fruit.

The more people I helped, the more I wanted to help. Life has a funny way of making U-turns, and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than cooking and writing.

Our Baby Led Feeding community has grown to over 100,000 parents from all around the world. The recipes and advice we share have helps thousands of children to eat more veggies with their own litle hands.

Everyday I pinch myself because I feel so proud of everything Baby Led Feeding has accomplished, our 2 bestselling cookbooks, our Hidden Heroes products & collaborations. Most of all though, I am proud of you! The parents who try every single day, to get your litle ones eating beter food.

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Aileen Cox Blundell -
The Momma behind BLF

Although you wouldn’t think it, I am 42 years old (just agree with me here). I grew up in a litle village called Multyfarnham in Westmeath. I fly fished for the Irish Women's team, I am an expert grasshopper catcher (so my Dad tells me). I used to be a band and can play the guitar and sing (terribly). My home is in Dublin where I live with my husband, our three gorgeous children; Jade, Dylan and Oscar along with our dog Elvis - a collie we adopted from the Dogs Trust. Being a mother brings me the most joy in life. I want my children to grow up strong, healthy and for them to see the world but, on the otherhand, I also don’t want them to ever leave me. The life of a parent is so bitersweet but I wouldn’t change it for all the tea in China.

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