• Philosophy

The philosophy behind Baby Led Feeding is simply that cooking and eating both should be delicious fun. With healthy, nutritious homemade baby food recipes in bite sized meals that babies can feed themselves, it creates a positive relationship with food, right from the very start.

I am not a chef nor a nutritionalist I am a home cook, country, city living girl who simply loves eating a healthy unprocessed food and refined sugar free diet.

I haven’t always eaten like this though. It was only a few years ago that I realised both sugar and processed foods had taken over my life and were affecting my health. I was constantly snacking on bars of chocolate and fizzy drinks thinking they would help push me through the 3pm or 7pm or weekend slump. Every so often I’d vow (again) to give them all up but I would always end up surrendering to my cravings and going on a good binge of milk chocolate and coca cola. This would undoubtedly end up making me feel regret because of my lack of self control. It was a vicious cycle I knew I had to change.

So I decided to completely quit eating processed foods, all refined sugars and get healthy. I didn’t just go cold turkey and stop everything at one, instead I phased out foods slowly from sweets and chocolate initially to drinks and breads. I would make sure to always have healthy home made snacks around my house and if I was craving something specific I tried to replicate it in the kitchen (chocolate sauce for example). The more recipes I made the more I realised that I didn’t actually need to buy unhealthy foods and the more determined I became to sharing my passion for food and healthy eating to those around me.

Aileen and Oscar Baby Led Feeding. Homemade Baby Food Recipes

I am so passionate about what I eat and I think if we start children eating right from a young age they share that love as they get older.

Feeding your baby in this way has to be accessible and easy and so I have kept all of the baby food recipes simple and intuitive. I’m a busy working mother of three children so I know from my own experience how hectic life can be. It doesn’t have to take days to create nourishing little bites of yumminess for your little ones and I want to inspire everyone to feed their babies in this way.

I champion the use of natural ingredients in replacement of refined sugars as there are so many amazing alternatives out there. I am constantly cooking, trying new things and experimenting with combinations of foods. Hopefully I will have lots more to share over the coming years.

Aileen x