Sippy Cup Soups – for a very grey day

Soup is one of the best and easiest ways to pack your baby with nutrients!

Let’s face it, Ireland has long dreary damp winters that just seem to go on forever. Chances are your baby and kids will be like mine or any other family I know and that runny nose and all too familiar cough will rare it’s ugly head once or twice during this time.My husband and my older kids all love soup.

My husband and my older kids all love soup. Usually, we keep the remains from our Sunday dinner to make healthy stock and once or sometimes twice (depending on how cold it is) we use the stock to make a hearty, healthy meal. We pretty much love all vegetables and have been experimenting recently with different combinations of both vegetables with spices. Some have been amazing! and some not quite so (never to be shared or tried again).

So how, you may ask, do you get your little baby to feed himself/herself soup?

It was after I had cleaned soup out of my hair for the third time that my husband (as much as I don’t want to admit it) suggested using the sippy cups. At first, the soup got clogged in the sucking part so I purchased a new sippy cup that had a straw. I made sure the soup was finely blended with no lumpy parts and it went through the straw just fine. It’s funny because even if he was teething or under the weather I could always get him to drink some soup and know he is getting so much goodness from every sip.

For thicker soups and smaller babies who are not yet quite used to drinking from sippy cups, I simply cut some bread into little squares pour the soup over them until it soaked up completely.

Soup freezes really well. I make up individual portions using a regularly sized muffin tray and pour the soup until it comes to roughly 3/4 ways up each muffin compartment. Freeze for 24hours then run the back side of the tray under a warm tap for approx 5 secs. Turn upside down on a countertop and each individual soup should fall easily out. Place soup portions into freezer bags and don’t forget to label. They defrost overnight in a refrigerator or in less than 5 mins on a defrost setting in a microwave and are an amazing thing to have in a freezer for your baby.

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